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At most shops when you say cheap you are really sacrificing quality work or parts or both. Here at Smiths Auto Care we were tired of hearing stories of people being ripped off, or paying for work that was not done, or work that was not needed. When we say cheap auto care we mean we will not overcharge you for unnessisary work, work that was not needed or not install parts that were really needed. We have heard many customers tell us of shops who said they did the work and did not. Made you feel like all this extra work was required or you would be walking instaed of driving. We pride ourselves on being honest, corteous, and having integrity. We will not make you buy services you did not come in for or parts you dont need. We know there is a great God watching us to see if we will do the right thing. We know we are accountable to you and Him especially. We hope to earn your trust and keep auto care cheap for those of us who are money minded.
We are looking forward to helping you with all your auto care needs. Just call or come in and see us, we are here for you!  May God bless you, whatch over you, and make His face shine upon you!!
505-410-8431 We are located across the street from the Peralta post office. 701 Pleasant pl Bosque Farms, NM 87068. Go down the easement road and to the right. 

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